Hoppy Bear Farm

Our Ancient Herbs from most sweet to most bitter

A new palette of flavors for the modern brewer

Elecampane Root - Smooth, rich, warm sweetness

 Lemon Balm – Bright lemons and citrus.

 Sweet Marjoram – Spicy, herbal with a touch of orange rind.

Yarrow – Mildly bitter with Earthy floral notes.

 Benzie County Mint – Light and airy spearmint.

 Chocolate Mint – Intense peppermint.

Sage – Spicy with a mild bitterness.

Wood Betony- Moderate bitterness with Earthy notes.

Alecost – Clean bitterness with a hint of menthol.

Wormwood – Inviting aroma very bitter with grapefruit rind character.