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Hoppy Bear

Welcome to Hoppy Bear Farm

Our mission: to provide brewers with the highest quality ancient herbs and whole cone American hops for our adventures in brewing.

We had gotten bitten by the craft beer bug and looked forward to trying each new release. We then tried our hand at brewing and got swept up in the hop growing craze here in MI. We had a dream of putting our family farm back into production and hops and herbs seem to be right up our path.

I have always loved herbs, the textures, flavors and colors. Drawn to them on some much deeper level. Combined with the love of hops and beer, the adventure had begun.

The first thing we learned about brewing with herbs is, that it’s hard to make a mistake. The second is that they are incredibly effective and efficient. As little as ¼ ounce can have a dramatic effect when “dry herbed” in a 5 gallon fermenter.

A great way to get started is to brew a beer you know and like then split the brew into two fermenters treating them both the same except for “dry herbing” one with ¼ to ½ ounce of Yarrow and the other with the same amount of Lemon Balm or Sweet Marjoram. This will give you a great comparison. We started our herbal brewing journey with these three herbs. Three great herbs to get started with. Check out our Herbs and Hops page for more.